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Confused about how to get started?

Suzanne Glover, author of The Seven Critical Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make When Starting Your Modeling/Acting Career, has made this popular series of reports available to you now.  Step-by-Step information that you can be reading in minutes on how to save time and money.  Click here for more...
Regional Director for the Millie Lewis Actors, Models & Talent Competition.

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How To Get Started Modeling and Acting While Building Confidence and Poise

Star Potential
gives you a unique choice in starting your pursuit in modeling, acting and building confidence.   We want you to sample our service and experience our quality, value and integrity for yourself.  By doing this, you can:

1)    Easily begin your first step at low risk.
2)    Receive training and evaluation.
3)    Sample Star Potential's service.
4)    Receive honest feedback.
5)    Customize a "game plan" for your career
       or personal goals.

Suzanne Glover, Founder & Owner of Star Potential, will meet with you for a one-hour introductory training, evaluation and consultation session.   With Suzanne's 20 years' industry experience, she can answer questions and give you practical advice based on your goals and desires.

"I believe that in order to be successful in life, we must look at things from many angles and 'think ahead' about opportunities and how they will affect our lives," says Suzanne. 

"And because I value your individuality, this introduction has proven a great way to set you up to succeed."

The introductory hour is value-priced at only $75.00.  Please call 707-527-6633 to book an appointment with Suzanne and get started today!

This introductory offer is also available via telephone within the Continental United States.  Please call 707-527-6633 for details.




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